You are looking for photographer for your special life event? Or for some specific project? I am open for different kind of cooperation. My style is mostly spontaneous and documentary, catching true emotions, reactions and moments. That’s why I prefer portraits, travel and street photography, cause you never know what kind of next scene life will bring. Beauty is in unique and unrepeatable moments.

  You are on the family trip, couples’ retreat or a solo getaway? You are looking for fun way to explore new destination, hear some interesting stories and get perfect photographs? You are on the right place. I am passionate traveler, photographer, historian and licensed tour guide. I will do my best to make your trip unforgettable and your memories last for a lifetime.

  My interests for photography, art, travel and history get connected, making unique combination. And I believe when you do what you love, you inspire yourself more and awake hearts of others. Let me know what are your impressions. 


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