About me. Bojana Žuža, photographer in Belgrade 📷



Every photo has a story to tell. Reveals beauty and diversity of our world. As a photographer and artist, my wish is to capture the light of our temporary lives. To steal moments, emotions, stories from time and make them live forever. Photography is my way to contemplate life. 

As a historian and passionate traveler,  I use my camera to explore the world, showing the beauty of different cultures. How do people live with their past and reality in different surroundings? What are their life stories, their passions, what is their endless search for happiness and meaning of life?

Work as a photographer worldwide, I am open for different kind of cooperation. My style is mostly spontaneous, catching true emotions, reactions and moments. That’s why I prefer portraits, travel and documentary photography. Beauty is in unique and unrepeatable moments.

Hope you will enjoy in my work, as much as I do.  Looking forward to hear your ideas and create them together.

Awards: 2020 Serbia, Confucius Institute in Belgrade, photography competition “China in my eyes”1st place